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How to convert MKV to DIVX

MKV is a new video format, which is better than AVI in the video quality. And now we can download many fanny HD videos in MKV format from thousand famous video sharing sites.

People cannot help asking, why are MKV files so popular?
1. MKV supports multiple audio and subtitles tracks in the same container.
2. Video in MKV is high definition. It has much sharper images than other common video formats.
3. It offers users create subtitles in anime fan-subbing community.

But MKV isn’t compatible with lots of video player, such as MP4 player, windows media player and DVD player and so on. Hence a great many users have the idea to convert MKV to DivX.

Here I show you a question of how to convert MKV to DivX at length:

Who can help my sister out of the problem of how to convert MKV to DivX?
My sister downloaded some anime movies (the Nightmare before Christmas, Kung Fu Panda, and Shrek the third) in MKV format. It is HD and very nice. But the only pity is that the windows media player can’t support playing MKV files. So her question is that which program can help her convert MKV file to DivX. – Zoe”

Well, a majority of common video players haven’t the ability to play MKV files. So many people have the demand of converting MKV videos to DivX first in order to play their HD MKV videos in their portable players.

If you are vexed by the related issue of how to convert MKV to DivX, I am sure you are in the right place. For helping you out of it, here I recommend a third party video converter tool to you.

A proper tool to convert MKV to DivX:

In the software market, you can find thousands of video converter programs and it takes you much time to test them one by one. To convert MKV to DivX, here I directly give you an introduction – MKV to DivX Converter, which is specially developed for converting MKV files.

It is a powerful video converter tool. So here I take a wild guess that the MKV to DivX converter is your most-wanted MKV converter software. Please free try to convert MKV files to DivX after downloading it.

download icon Download MKV to DivX Converter Now

If you are excited due to finding the MKV to DivX Converter, don’t forget to keep reading the direction about how to use it to convert MKV to DivX.

In spite of converting MKV to DivX by the use of this MKV to DivX Converter is easy, here I still demonstrate the steps as follows:

Guide: How to convert MKV to DivX with MKV to DivX Converter

Step1: After installing MKV to DivX Converter, please run it.
Step2: Press “Add” button to upload your MKV videos that you want to convert to DivX format.
Step3: Pick out output format and output path and you can set subtitles as you want by clicking “Setting Subtitle” button.
Step4: After all the preparations, set about MKV to DivX conversion by hitting “Convert”.

convert MKV videos

More about MKV to DivX Converter:

This MKV to DivX Converter is a multifunctional tool. In addition to being used as an MKV video converter, it can be used as video cutter, video cropped and video joiner as well. In brief speaking, users can make use of it to edit video.

I believe the MKV to DivX Converter has attracted your eyes. Don’t hesitate, download it to convert your HD MKV files to the formats that you need.

download icon Download MKV to DivX Converter Now

Tips: Please get MKV to DivX Converter for Mac if you are using Mac OS X.

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    If the MKV have subtitles, after converting the video, will the subtitle be implanted into the video or will be left out? Is there a selection button where you can select the Subtitle you want to implant into the video, that would sure be great.

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