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How to convert MKV to ISO

I downloaded an MKV file and tried to convert it to an ISO file in order to play on my DVD player. But it seems difficult and I really want to learn how to convert MKV to ISO. Who can help me?- Gregory

Gregory, don’t worry about how to convert MKV to ISO. As long as you follow the below steps, you can enjoy the MKV files on your DVD players at anytime.

How to convert MKV to ISO with the MKV to ISO converter?

The guide of converting MKV to ISO with the MKV to ISO converter:

Step1: Please open MKV to ISO converter in your desktop after installing setting up it.
Step2: Select the MKV files from your hard disk in your computer by clicking “Add”.
Step3: Choose your output format and pick out the output path of the video.
Step4: Click “Subtitles” to plug your desired subtitles in the MKV videos.
Step5: Let you click “Convert” icon to convert MKV to ISO. (If you don’t want to continue to convert your MKV video, please click “Stop”.)

After you finish the above steps, then you can enjoy them on your home DVD Player or Car DVD player as long as you like.

Note: This version is for Windows™, if you are using Mac OS, please get MKV to ISO Converter for Mac OS X

 Free download MKV to ISO converter for Windows

Tips: If you just want to watch MKV on your DVD player, another solution is turn MKV to DVD and burn to disc directly with MKV to DVD Burner.

What is MKV to ISO converter?

MKV to ISO converter is very powerful and simple-to-operate to convert MKV to ISO with excellent images and sound quality at high speed. It is really good compatibility for converting MKV to ISO. It can not only burn/convert MKV to ISO files, but also convert MKV files to other DVDs like DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-5 and DVD-9 or to DVD folder.

MKV to ISO converter can be also used as an MKV video editor and MKV merger. That’s to say, you can crop, trim video, set subtitles for the MKV video and merge some MKV videos into a file easily with the tool.

What is ISO file?
ISO file generally uses iso as the extension name. It is the image file that is copied all the information on CD-ROM. There are many functions by using ISO files as follows:
1. Perform several CD-ROM software at the same time;
2. Own fast processing power;
3. Convenient to carry.

You can operate the ISO file in various operating systems. In the Windows OS, you can use WinISO, WinMount, and WinImage, etc to operate your ISO files.

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  • 1 Tory ~ Jan 6, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    I have some HD MKV videos on my Windows 7 computer. I want to convert HD MKV files to ISO and burn to DVD to work in my DVD player. IS using your MKV to DVD Burner the easiest way?

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