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MKV Converter Studio 2.3.0 Released

In order to meet users’ demand, Apowersoft improved the MKV Converter Studio in many functions. Hence, the new version MKV converter Studio 2.3.0 was released in Jan 3rd, 2012. By using the new one, the speed of MKV conversion is faster than before and the output video quality is better.

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If you have an old version of MKV converter, you can upgrade it to the new version. If you don’t have one, I guess you will be more interested in this new powerful version of MKV converter 2.3.0.

Now let’s enjoy the full-featured version of MKV converter together.

Convert MKV files with subtitles
Users can set subtitles for their MKV videos by ticking “Enable Subtitle”. It allows you to set external subtitle or embedded subtitle files for video. You can set the font, font size, position, etc for the subtitles.

convert MKV with subtitles

Update the user interface
The interface is clearer than previous version.
There are smaller version video images in the main interface. This looks more vividly.

MKV converter interface

Some improved features
Video editing function
Video editing function is more than the one in the old version. It is more convenient for you to trim, crop video and edit the effect of video image.

The screenshot of trimming video as follows:

Owning it, you can set the start time or end time as you need.

trim video

Below is the screenshot of cropping video.

By applying the cropping feature, you can remove the area if you don’t want the edge of blank.

crop video

Here is the screenshot of editing video image.

It is easy to use! You are only in need of dragging the sliders if you want to adjust the effect of the video.

edit video image

Optimize output setting
Before converting your MKV file, you can customize the output file options as follows:

output setting

Some new features
Merge to one file
Before converting MKV files, you can check “Merge to one file” to merge several videos into one file.

Automatically shut down your computer after conversion
If you check the “Shut down computer after conversion”, your computer will automatically shut down after you complete your conversion. Owning this new feature, you don’t need wait for a long time to turn off your PC.

To speed up the conversion, you can choose the CPU core to use in the preferences window. Please click Options>Preferences, and then its dialog pop up as follows:


After you learning the new features and some powerful improved function, are you attracted by it? If yes, download the new version to try right away.

download icon Download MKV Converter 2.3.0 Now

It is unnecessary for you to worry about how to use it. The tool is extremely easy-to-use. Please refer to the usage – How to use MKV converter Studio 2.3.0 if you still have some doubt.

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