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How to convert MKV to MOV

Many digital device users know that they can’t play MKV videos on their devices, but few of them know the reason about this. So many users have the issue – why do I fail to play MKV files with my digital gadget.

Yep, the question about how to play MKV files is always hot. The reason is that MKV format isn’t supported by most of media players. Hence, this makes many people have the demand of converting MKV files.

They plan to convert MKV to MOV, burn MKV videos to DVD, convert MKV videos to FLV, and change MKV files to MP4, etc firstly, and then transfer the videos to their devices in order to support playing them.

To figure out the trouble, here I mainly talk about how to convert MKV to MOV in this page.

Why do lots of people want to convert MKV to MOV? I think there are two basic factors. One is many devices can’t support playing files in MKV. The other one is MOV format has its own merits.

Now I list several advantages of MOV:
1. The MOV files are able to contain abstract data references.
2. MOV files are easily be edited.
3. MOV is a flexible format, which is not only support Mac OS, but also be compatible with Windows OS.

Do you wonder to convert MKV to MOV format after learning MOV format’s merits? Are you eager to find a way to resolve the issue about how to convert MKV to MOV?

Well, you are in the right place. I have prepared for introducing you a way of converting MKV to MOV in the following sections.

The means to convert MKV to MOV:

In the Internet, you can google and find hundreds of video converter programs to convert MKV to MOV. You will spend much time in picking out a good one. In order to make sure the high quality output video, here I recommend you a third party one – MKV to MOV converter.

This MKV to MOV converter can not only support MKV to MOV conversion, but also support converting MKV to WMV, 3GP, VOB, AVI, and ASF, etc.

By the way, this MKV to MOV converter has been released a new version recently. The new version supports merging several files into one file. And the cropping and trimming functions are both smarter than before.

If you are an old client, welcome to upgrade your software. Or if you have a wish to convert MKV files to MOV, the tool is worthy to be bought.

 Download MKV to MOV converter Now

Below I will demonstrate how to convert MKV to MOV format with step-by-step tutorial of how to use this MKV to MOV Converter.

Guide: How to convert MKV to MOV with MKV to MOV converter

Step1: Please install and open the software.

Step2: Import the videos in MKV that you decide to convert by clicking “Add”.

Step3: Set the output path and formats that you need. For example, here is MOV format.

Step4: Set the subtitles for your MKV videos by pressing “Subtitle Setting” in the screenshot of the software. (Skip the step if you don’t have the need for setting the subtitles.)

set subtitles

Step5: Begin to click “Convert” to convert MKV to MOV after all your need settings are OK.

download icon Download MKV to MOV converter Now

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