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How to convert MKV to VOB

The current situation about MKV files:

Today, MKV files become more and more popular since it can support multiple audio and subtitle tracks in the same container, so there are many resources about MKV file format online and other places.

Why do you need to convert MKV to VOB?

It is easy for you to find lots of HD videos or movies in MKV format. However, a majority of portable players can’t support the MKV format, therefore, it is necessary for you to convert MKV to playable formats in which your player can play like VOB, AVI, mpg, DIVX, WMV and others.

If you have obtained .mkv files and want to play them on your DVD playing software such as WinDVD or play these files with Media Player Classic. You will have to convert MKV to VOB.

But how to convert MKV to VOB? Have you come across the similar problem? What should you do if you face with the question?

The solution to convert MKV to VOB:

Here I introduce you a splendid third party tool to convert MKV to VOB. It is named MKV to VOB Converter. Now let me explain this MKV to VOB Converter in detail below.

About MKV to VOB converter:
MKV to VOB Converter is a perfect kind of MKV converter. It is uncomplicated for you to convert MKV to VOB format with superb speed and high quality. It is simple and friendly user interface that makes MKV to VOB conversion routine very easy. And also it can keep the original quality of MKV file.

MKV Converter makes your conversion task .MKV to .VOB, and it can also convert videos almost all popular formats such as converting MKV to AVI, MKV to DIVX, MKV to MPG, MKV to DVD, MKV to MP4, MKV to WMV and other video formats like (H.264/AVC, XVID and MOV, etc).

Helping you to convert MKA to audio formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, and M4A etc is a piece of cake. Moreover, MKV to VOB converter supports converting videos to iPod, mobile phone, PS3, Zune, PSP and other digital devices.

download icon Download and install MKV to VOB Converter Now

To convert MKV to VOB video, you must first download the MKV to VOB converter (MKV Converter). And then, with just a few steps as below, you can finish your MKV to VOB conversion.

How to convert MKV to VOB by using MKV to VOB Converter?

Step1: Launch MKV to VOB converter after you install it on your computer.
Step2: Import your MKV videos from your hard drive by clicking “Add” button.
Step3: Click “setting” button to set the output path and output formats and hit “Setting Subtitle” to set your videos’ subtitles.

set subtitles

Step4: In the end, press “Convert” button to start MKV to VOB conversion.

download icon Download and install MKV to VOB Converter Now

What is VOB?
Do you know VOB file exactly? If your answer is “no”, please read this content as follows:

VOB stands for DVD Video Object. The VOB file is one of the core files found on DVD-Video discs and contains multiplexed Dolby Digital audio streams (normally AC3 format and DTS format) and MPEG-2 video stream and subtitle streams. It contains the actual video, audio, subtitle, and menu contents in stream form. You can find them on a DVD video disc in a subdirectory labeled VIDEO_TS.

If you want to convert MKV to DVD, please read: Convert MKV to DVD

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