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How to convert MKV to Xbox 360

Many people have a wish that they can play MKV files in their own digital gadgets like Zune, Blackberry, iPad 2, Creative Zen and Apple iPhone 4S, etc. But it is a pity that a majority of digital devices can’t support MKV files.

Do you want to transfer and enjoy your HD MKV videos on your device? Do you wonder to know how to play MKV files with digital players? Actually you are only in need of converting MKV to other video formats that are compatible with your player.

In this page, here we talk about the topic of how to convert MKV to Xbox 360.

Lots of Xbox 360 users are available to receive games, TV shows, movies, videos, and songs via the Internet. But if your received movies, videos are in MKV format, what you should do because Xbox 360 doesn’t support playing MKV files, either.

Don’t worry about how to play your MKV videos in your Xbox 360! As a matter of fact, what you need to do is converting MKV to Xbox 360. That’s to say, before playing HD MKV files in Xbox 360, users have to convert MKV to Xbox 360 firstly.

Well, we have the clue to play MKV on Xbox 360. But who can tell me how to convert MKV to Xbox 360?

A major shortcut to convert MKV to Xbox 360:

If you still have no clue about how to convert MKV to Xbox 360, here I can recommend you a tool – MKV converter. It is a professional video converter tool for converting MKV files.

This MKV converter is able to convert MKV videos to almost video formats. And Xbox 360 supports some special video formats, such as WMV, MP4 and AVI and so on. So you can convert MKV to Xbox 360 with this tool. Due to this, this tool is also called MKV to Xbox 360 converter.

This application can give us a big favor to convert MKV files to any formats that you need. No matter who you are a newbie or veteran, it is easily controlled by you.

If you know which video formats your player supports, you can convert your MKV videos to that format and then transfer them to the player for enjoying.

If you don’t know which formats you player supports, you can set your output format as the name of your device.

 Download MKV to Xbox 360 Converter Now

After downloading the tool, you may be interested in the whole process of how to play MKV on Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 completely supports playing AVI, MP4, and WMV, etc. In the beginning, you should convert your MKV files to one of the formats. And then transfer them to Xbox 360. Lastly, enjoy your HD videos on your Xbox 360.

convert mkv videos

Using MKV converter to convert MKV to AVI, WMV, or MP4, etc is easy. Here I omit the detailed steps about MKV file conversion for Xbox 360. If you really have the need, please read the post – How to change MKV to MP4.

download icon Download MKV to Xbox 360 converter Now

More news about this MKV to Xbox 360 converter:
If you are attracted by the tool, welcome to go on reading the part of more news about MKV to Xbox 360 converter. Asides from supporting various digital devices playing MKV files, you can take advantage of it as a video editor tool to edit your videos. Once you buy it, you can update it and use it in your whole life.

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  • 1 William Frantz ~ Apr 9, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    Every video file has three parts to it; the container, the video codec and the audio codec. Many (but not all) files with .mkv extensions use H.264 video with AAC audio. If you happen to have a MKV/H.264/AAC file, you can quickly and easily remux that into a MP4/H.264/AAC file that the xbox will probably play. This is a remux, not a re-encode so it only takes minutes not hours and there is no loss in quality. You just take the A/V out of the MKV container and put them into a MP4 container. I recommend Yamb to remux from MKV to MP4. I also recommend MKVToolnix to remux from MP4 to MKV. Finally, DivX offers a free MKV/H.264/AAC player.

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