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How to convert MKV to XVID

In this post, we discuss the topic of how to convert MKV to XviD. Why does the question come into being? I think the proximate cause is that many digital devices can’t support playing MKV files.

Now let me give you some introduction about XviD.

XviD is a video format, which still isn’t used as widely as DivX. But it is supported by DVD player, DivX player, and XviD player, etc.

XviD also provides many advantages to user as follows:
1. XviD is safe to use by independent third party.
2. XviD can be fit for a great many of different platforms.

Based on the merits of XviD, many people plan to convert MKV to XviD while their media players or digital devices can’t play their videos or movies in MKV.

Does your player support your MKV files? Have you the demand of converting MKV to XviD? If you also want to know how to convert MKV to XviD and enjoy the files on some common player, please go on reading the post and abstract the key content that you need.

The solution to convert MKV to XviD:

To save your time, I don’t beat around the bush. Here I directly recommend you a third party tool – MKV to XviD converter, which is a cool video converter tool.

Without question, this MKV to XviD converter can help you convert MKV to XviD. But this application can convert MKV to other formats just like VOB, MP4, MOV, DVD, M4V, and WMV, etc. For instance, you can also apply it to convert MKV to DivX with a fast speed. As far as I am concerned, this function of converting MKV to any formats that you need makes you more excited.

Apart from the function of converting, MKV to XviD converter can be used as a video editor to trim, crop video and set subtitles for your MKV video. If you love these functions about the application, here I advise you to download it to convert MKV file to XviD.

 Download MKV to XviD converter Now

Though it is easy to use, you can read the usage of MKV to XviD converter if you are still afraid that you can’t use it.

Direction: How to convert MKV to XviD with MKV to XviD converter

Step1: Run this software – MKV to XviD converter.

Step2: Add your videos in MKV to the application by pressing “Add” button in the interface of it.

Step3: Select the output path and output format by clicking “Setting”. Here you should choose “XviD” format.

set output format and path

Step4: Set subtitles by hitting “Subtitle Setting”. (If you don’t need to set subtitles, you can neglect this step.)

Step5: Click “Convert” to set about MKV to XviD conversion.

download icon Download MKV to XviD converter Now

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