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MKV is a new video format, which is becoming more and more popular. Its goal is to replace the AVI format. When we download some multimedia resources, we often find some HD videos or movies in MKV.

It is wonderful for us to enjoy the HD MKV videos. But how to play MKV files has become an issue that people ask frequently. Some people wonder to know how to play MKV video on their iPhone, Android, PSP, iPhone, Blackberry, Xbox 360, and iPod, etc.

As a matter of fact, you only need to convert MKV file to any other video formats that are suitable for your digital players first, and then transfer the video to the portable devices. If you want to know the detailed operations, welcome to have the following posts as a reference.

How to convert MKV to PSP
How to convert MKV to Xbox 360
Convert MKV to iPod

Warm Tips: If you want to play your MKV files on your DVD player, I think you need to turn MKV to DVD video first, and then enjoy them on DVD player happily.

After reading the above-mentioned articles, you may be interested in the MKV converter software. It is able to convert MKV to any other formats. For example, you can use it to change MKV to MP4, turn HD MKV files to AVI, convert MKV to DivX, etc.

To watch HD MKV videos on some common multimedia players or portable devices, many people have the demand of converting MKV to other proper video formats.

You are lucky! MKV converter is an easy-to-use tool to convert MKV files with high quality and an amazingly fast speed. With it, you can convert MKV to ISO, SWF, MPEG, DVD video, MOV and VOB, etc.

Some featured posts as follows:

How to burn MKV to DVD
This MKV converter is also called MKV to DVD burner, you can use it to burn MKV to DVD format and watch video on your DVD player.

Convert MKV to AMV
As we all know, AMV player and MP3 or MP4 player don’t support playing MKV videos. It is necessary for us to convert MKV to AMV first if we want to enjoy MKV videos on AMV player.

How to convert MKV to FLV
Do you wonder to know how to convert MKV to FLV? Go to the post and you will find your desired solution.

Convert MKV to 3GP
If you want to enjoy your MKV video on your iPhone or other mobile phones, I think you need to convert MKV to 3GP format first. Do you agree with me?

How to convert MKV to MOV
MOV is a flexible video format. MOV file is edited easily. Many people would like the videos in MOV. So you are in need of converting MKV to MOV if you have some MKV videos.

Convert MKV to MPG
Are you bewildered by how to convert MKV to MPG? Please pick up the solution from the post of how to convert MKV to MPG.

More posts about converting MKV:
Convert MKV to MTV

Convert MKV to TS

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Convert MKV to RMVB

How to convert MKV to XVID

How to convert MKV to VOB

This MKV converter is a full-featured video converter tool. You can use it as a video editor purely. Or before converting MKV video, you can crop, trim the video and set subtitle for it. If you wish to convert MKV without losing subtitles, you can refer to the related articles below.

Burn MKV to DVD with subtitles
Convert MKV to WMV with subtitles
Convert MKV to MP4 with subtitles
How to convert MKV with subtitles

The MKV converter is not just a video converter; it can be used as an audio converter. For example, you can apply it to convert MKA to MP3, convert MKA to AAC, convert MKV to WMA, etc.

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