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How to turn MKV to DVD

As we all know, MKV format is a new video format. So far, many common digital players don’t support playing it. But many people want to watch their MKV videos on their iPod, iPhone, DVD player, Zune, and PS3, etc. If you also want to enjoy your MKV files on your DVD player, I guess you need to turn MKV to DVD firstly.

There are many relevant questions about how to turn MKV to DVD, iPod, iPhone, PSP etc in the Internet. In order that you can comprehend the situation, here I take a question about how to turn MKV files to DVD format as an example.

How to turn MKV to DVD for a smooth watching?
I have lots of amine movies in MKV format on my computer. I want to watch them on my DVD player smoothly. So I have to turn MKV into DVD, but many converters that I found on Internet lose my subtitles when turning my MKV movies to DVD format. I am looking for a program that can turn MKV to DVD format without losing my subtitles. – Jerome

Well, the question of how to turn MKV to DVD with subtitles that was asked by Jerome is very commonplace. If you encounter the similar trouble and you are in need of an application to resolve the problem, please follow me to read the text.

MKV to DVD Burner can help you turn MKV to DVD with keeping your MKV subtitles. It is just the program that I want to recommend to you.

The MKV to DVD Burner is really simple to use. It only need you few clicks. Below is the guide of how to use MKV to DVD Burner to turn MKV into DVD with subtitles.

The illustrated guide as follows:

The preparations:
1. Download MKV to DVD Burner.
2. Install the software and please choose the languages in the process of installing. (Its default language is English.)

How to turn MKV to DVD with MKV to DVD Burner?
Step1: After you install it, run the software – MKV to DVD Burner.

Step2: Add your MKV files that you want to convert by hitting “Add” button.

Step3: Select output formats by clicking “Setting” and select the output path by hitting “Open” button in the interface of MKV to DVD Burner.

Step4: Set the subtitles by clicking “Subtitle Setting” as the following picture.

Step5: At last, hit “Convert” icon to turn your selected MKV files to DVD.

Done! Here is the procedure of turning MKV to DVD with this MKV to DVD Burner. After the process, you can watch your MKV videos with subtitles on your DVD player effortlessly. If you are interested in it, please don’t miss the chance.

 Download MKV to DVD Burner Now

The above-mentioned MKV to DVD Burner supports Windows OS, if you are a Mac OS user, please get MKV to DVD Burner for Mac OS.

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